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TeamCoachr • The playful way to build high performing teams!

Self led agile team development tool realizing your teams true potential, powered by you. Backed by 20 years of science. For physical, digital, and hybrid teams.

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"I recommend that all team leaders who wish to create psychologically safe teams try Digleefy."

- Thomas Gauperaa, Interaction designer and team leader at Egde.

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Do you feel...

✖  That your team can be better at giving feedback

✖  That the team dynamics can be better, or

✖  Unsure of how to make your team perform better

TeamCoachr helps your team to build stronger relations and perform better, through our interactive self facilitated modules. We are Better. Together. 

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Better relations. Better results!

Our promise to you: Invest your time in our tool, and you'll cultivate a psychologically safe environment, encourage productive conflicts, emphasize commitment, and ensure mutual accountability for team results. Try it now!

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#1 Invite teammates

Log in, add a new team and invite your teammates to a journey where every individual on your team will perform better together. 

Team size: 2-8 teammates (recommended)
Time first module: 90 minutes 
Team name: Make it awesome 

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#2 Play weekly

If you invest 30-60 minutes each week, we guarantee better team performance. 

Frequency of play: Weekly (or biweekly)
Time per module: 30-60 minutes
Onboarding time: 35 seconds 

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#3 Evaluate & progress 

After each module, your teammates evaluates itself. Your collected results allow you to learn where to improve in the future. 

Pulse survey: Measure your team progress
Reflection modules: Gives your team time to evaluate your progress
Set ambition: Set a clear ambition per team success function 

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Everyone feels included

Each teammate participates on their own devices, ensuring equal turn-taking which makes everybody feel heard during your TeamCoachr sessions. 

Language: English and Norwegian