About us

Digleefy is a LearnTech company with a mission to build effective teams.

We are challenging traditional teaching methods by using game based learning to help teams establish good practices and become more effective.We combine escape room methods and science to create solutions that have never seen before in LearnTech. When you add high quality storytelling and problem solving into the mix, we ensure the best possible learning outcome.

Our purpose...

is to make it easier and fun to create

and maintain psychological safety in your team.

Our history...

In 2020, CEO Jens Petter and CTO Arild founded Digleefy with a purpose of making a digital team based facilitator, where every team in the world can become better team members by focusing on building key success functions for better performance. 

This is the start of the journey to create Norway’s next global adventure in LearnTech. Over two years the company grew bigger, both in staff as well as the number of clients. We also teamed up with multiple leading experts in psychology. We tested a lot, failed a lot and learned even more.

Digleefy now delivers a product that can help every business around the world create the best performing team backed by science and empiri.